Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 3: Word of God - We Encounter

Dei Verbum - Degree on Divine Revelation

Fifty years ago, the biggest meeting to take place in the long history of the Catholic Church

was taking place in Rome. It was called the Second Vatican Council. It wasn’t a short meeting

either, in fact it lasted for three years and brought about important changes in the Church

that very much influence the kind of Church we are today. The changes came about as a result

of important documents that were prepared, debated and finally approved by the bishops

attending the Council. One of the most important documents they produced was called

Dei Verbum (The Word of God). This document sets out how Catholics are to understand the

central place of the Bible or sacred scripture in their faith.

Let’s take a little time to think about what we believe about the Bible as Catholics.

Consider the following statements and answer true or false to each one:

The Catholic Church teaches that the Bible is literally true

A Catholic Bible only has the New Testament

The Catholic Church believes not only in scripture but also in tradition

The Old Testament is never read at Mass

Catholics believe God is present in his word as well as in the Eucharist

If you have answered any of the above incorrectly take a little time to find out what the
Catholic Church actually teaches on this particular point.