Thursday, 14 March 2013


Pope Francis is the 266th Pope since St. Peter. He has a long list of titles, which give a clue to his responsibilities. Below is a list of Pope Francis’ titles: 

Pope = from ‘Papa’ or ‘Father’.
Bishop of RomeBishop = a senior priest chosen to look after the clergy and laity of a Diocese (pronounced diosiss) on behalf of the Pope. The Diocese is also known as the See (seat) of a Bishop.
Vicar of ChristVicar = substitute (Christ’s representative on earth).
Successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles
Supreme Pontiff of the Universal ChurchPontiff = from the Latin word ‘pons’ meaning ‘bridge’ (between Christ and his people).
Patriarch of the WestPatriarch = from the Latin word ‘Patris’ meaning ‘Father’ – his responsibilities extend over a much larger area than a Diocese, sometimes including several countries.
Primate of ItalyPrimate = the most senior Bishop of a country – usually called Cardinal.
Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Province of RomeArchbishop = a Bishop who looks after a Diocese or See of special importance.
Metropolitan = like an Archbishop but in the Eastern Catholic Church. Rome is where East and West meet.
Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City Sovereign = Ruler, King, Monarch.
Vatican City = The Vatican City is a country in its own right even though it is very small (about 2km square). In the political world community it operates like any other state.
Servant of the Servants of God